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Tray washing machine MY-200

Article K.738
Capacity, trays, pcs/hour
1 speed 100
2 speed 200
Rated power of the reductor electric motor, kW 0,12
Pump power, l/min 250
Rated pump motor power, kW 4
Protection level IP 65
Voltage, V 3x380
Frequency, Hz 50
Pressure in water network, MPa 0,2....0,6
Dimensions, mm, not more 2365х750х1635
Weight, kg 400


The machine is suitable for cleaning various kinds of plastic trays and lids, ensures the effective implementation of the process of cleaning and disinfection.


- A tunnel washing machine for trays with closed circulating system of washing solution .
- The washer is divided into two zones : a zone of primary wash and a zone of rinsing with clean water.
- The washer is made of stainless steel.
- Transportation of trays is performed by a chain conveyor . The number of trays is up to 200 pcs / hour. For a more thorough cleaning of the trays the speed of the conveyor may be decreased.
- The trays are cleaned with the washing solution
- The main washing zone is equipped with a circulating pump which supplies the detergent solution from the reservoir to the nozzles under 3 ~ 4 atm pressure . at water discharge of 1.5 m / hour.
- The detergent solution is circulated in the washing zone through the heated tank. The tank has a screen strainer where solution is cleared of insoluble impurities. Water is heated by the pipe heating unit or the steam at the temperature up to 150 °C.
- The detergent is supplied in the tank automatically.
- After leaving the washer area, the trays go to the rinsing zone with clean water. Rinsing is performed with clean running water supplied from the water supply network. Water consumption for rinsing is 5 L / min for 2 atm.


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