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Universal smoking-cooking chambers

The chamber type 2-racks
The chamber dimensions (without the smoke generator beside and the control cabinet at the side) LxWxH 3500х2120х3075
Loading capacity 2-sausage rack
Maximum rack size 1950*1020*1020 sm
Simultaneous load Up to 600 kg
Sausage size for smoking 100 sm
Control panel ADITEC
Voltage 230/400В с N
Power consumption 48Hz
Minimum workspace size 3160mm
Recommended workspace size 3330 mm


The chamber is designed for thermal processing (cooking, smoking) of various meat and meat products, cheese, fish, etc. 

The chamber enables to perform the following processes: 
• Drying.
• Smoking.
• Cooking.
• Ventilation.
• Automatic chamber washing


• Equal temperature distribution in the chamber and the product.
• Automated technological process
• The machine is made of high quality stainless steel.
• The use of polyurethane foam insulation and silicate cotton provides excellent heat insulation.
• The silicone rubber seals provide inner space airtightness.
• The air circulation system ensures equal temperature distribution .
• Short-time processing of the product .
• Energy safe.
• Minimum product weight loss, high quality and repeatability

Operating principles:  

The smoking-cooking chamber is a thermally insulated chamber. On the first stage the product is subjected to drying (roasting) at the predetermined humidity and temperature. After the drying process the product can be subjected to smoking (if required by the manufacturing technology) or directly to the cooking process.Product cooking process occurs at the given humidity (the set humidity point in the chamber is supported by water spraying through nozzles), and temperature.

Design Features

• Products intended for processing in the chamber shall be located on carts sized 1000x1000x2000 mm
• Each cart should be supplied with a circulation fan.
• Ability to adjust the fresh air (smoke) intake.
• The used air evacuation system.
• Automatic cleaning with the pump and bin.
• air humidification system in the chamber.
• air heating system inside the chamber.
• the doors can be opened from inside the chamber .
• The chamber is made of stainless steel AISI 304.
• The one, two , three, and four-racks chamber version .


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