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Sausage separator

Product reference number K.988
Input, cut/min (subject to a product type, its casing and the portion size ) 1200
Sausage size, mm 15-40
Sausage string length, mm 60-300
Power supply 380 V, 50 Hz
Power input, kW 3,5
Dimensions (A×B×C), mm 800x465x1170
Weight, kg, maximum 155


the separator is designed for separating of sausage strings of various casings and sizes. The separator can either run separately or be integrated in a packing line.


- High efficiency
- Separating accuracy by the precise positioning of the servo
- driven blade at the sausage twist
- Available adjusting of the separating spot, speed, and size with the control panel
- Cutting tool is easy to clean and maintain
- Casing types are sheep round, pork round, collagen, cellophane html:


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