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Intensive cooling chambers with cooking function


The chambers are designed for the product quick cooling after being processed in the smoking-cooking chamber. 

Operating principle 

Installation intensive cooling is a thermally insulated chamber in which a cooling process occurs in the following steps: Step I . At this stage, the product is cooled with water sprays to achieve the core temperature of 35-40 ° C in the product (other values may be set in the program). Step II . The product is processed with the sprays (which can operate in both pulse and continuous mode), and the flow of cooling air. Step III . At this stage, the product is cooled with the cooled air only to a determined temperature.


• Minimum product weight loss, high quality and repeatability.
- Products without casing can be processed as well
-Equal temperature distribution in the product.
- Short-time processing of the product and its lifting.
• Automated technological process

Design Features

• The one, two , three, and four-racks chamber version .
- The chamber is supplied with the circulation system, which provides equal temperature distribution in the chamber and the product.
• The chamber is made of stainless steel AISI 304.
- Perfect heat insulation due to special designed panels
-The design of the chamber provides copper-aluminum heat exchangers. Technological process features
• Products that are placed into the chamber with the standard core temperature of 70 ° C are cooled to the temperature of 6 ° C inside the sausage.
• Cooling agents are water and cold air .
• Cooling agents are dosed individually, simultaneously or alternately.
• Agent agent depends on the type of the product. Products in various types of casing require water and cold air as the cooling agent . For products without casing only cold air is applied.
• The air is cooled by the heat exchangers installed in the chamber. The cooling unit is mounted outside the chamber.
• Equal temperature distribution in the chamber is provided by the compulsory air circulation.
• Products intended for processing in the chamber require location on the racks sized 1000x1000x2000 mm . 

Control system 

The chamber is controlled by a programmable controller Aditec and a color touch panel with a diagonal of 10.4 inches. The control panel features a user- friendly interface that makes it easier to work with the equipment. Up to 99 programs can be saved, up to 20 steps each, which enables to create the optimal work flow for different products types. 

Features of the control system 

• Support for many languages, including Russian .
• Display of all control signals.
• Electrical control of regulating elements (valves , flaps) .
• Temperature sensors inside the chamber and inside of the product.
• When the required temperature is reached the system can be automatically turned off.
• The control cabinet is made of stainless steel.
• Parts of the machine are made by the world's leading manufacturers.
• Ability of the automatic resumption of the chamber by power failure.
• Visual and audible alarm on the program completion.


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