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Dough-kneader machine МТ-300 K.423

Capacity, liters 800
Loading factor 0.6
Speed of shaft rotation 0...36
Electrical motor rated power, kW 22
length 2640
width 1540
height 2650
Weight, kg, NMT 3300


Dough-kneader machine is designed to thoroughly mix the dough to a uniform consistency with adding of water and various ingredients.


  • The equipment is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 which passes the receipt express check at our enterprise in compliance with the hygienic and sanitary and epidemiological requirements for food production facilities.
  • The process of abrasive blasting with glass micro balls at the final stage of production gives Unity equipment an aesthetic matte appearance, additionally smooths and protects the welds.
  • Smooth surface with rounded corners of the body provides easy cleaning of the equipment.
  • Z-shaped kneading shafts of special design provide intensive mixing of the dough.
  • Smooth control over the parameters (speed, direction of kneading shafts rotation, and time of mixing) allows the required mixing of ingredients.
  • The dough-kneader mixing machine control system is based on a programmable logic controller, which allows setting various technological mixing parameters using an operator panel. The product can be mixed in the automatic mode with use of the pre-determined sequence programs.
  • The possibility to remotely monitor the equipment status with full display (duplication) of the screens of the graphic operator panel via the web-service using Ethernet.
  • Unloading of processed material is carried out by turning the bowl.
  • The protection degree of electrical equipment is IP 65.


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