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Brine mixers MR-500

Article K.983
Feed bin charging capacity, l 500
blades rotation speed (rotation per minute) 0-40
Motor power, kW 6.0
Dimensions (A×B×C), mm 1600х1250х1505
Weight, kg 620
Power connection 380 V, 50 Hz


The brine mixer is designed for mixing solutions and marinades with the ability of lifting the solution up to of 20 metres 

The brine mixer is a container to the drain part of which the centrifugal pump is connected with a funnel for friable components interconnected by the piping. The container is filled with water . The friable components are added to the brine (salt , spices , colorants , etc.) through the funnel and mixed with the brine by circulating in the closed cyclewith the centrifugal pump, which pumps the brine through the pipes and ensures its smooth mixing. The mixing cycle takes from 7 to 20 minutes depending on the amount, concentration and temperature of the solution. Transporting of the ready brine can be carried out using the centrifugal pump by changing the position of the corresponding globe valves.

Design Features

- The machine provides fast and efficient mixing of liquid and dry brine components. 
- All pipes and taps can be easily detached for cleaning and washing. Brine mixer diagram


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