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Automated warehouse system


The warehouse system is designed for finished goods or raw materials and features low labour costs and an automated record keeping system


1. significant reduction in time spent on all warehouse operations  

2. No need to expand the warehouse space (the warehouse increases only in height) 
3. Greatly reduces workforce – the automated warehouse can be managed by only one operator (excluding single unit packing station).
4. Continuous 24-hour operation of the machines 
5. Automated warehouse control system is integrated with the company’s accounting program (1C or other), thus minimizing human errors. 
6. Stock-taking is either conducted without any production standstills or not needed at all: the actual balance will always equal the available balance. All the accounts and records are traceable, verifiable and complete. 
7. Being an advanced technology, the system will boost company’s prestige

Design Features

The automated warehouse system comprises the following parts: 

1. Gravity Racks 


Gravity racks are designed for maximizing product turnover under the FIFO (“first in, first out”) method, which is a great strategy if your products have a shelf life.


- Ensuring fast and efficient stock rotation
- Once loaded, product rotation is automatic
- Minimized energy costs
- Minimum number of operators and amount of equipment required.
-Separate loading and unloading areas ensure that loading and unloading can be carried out simultaneously and independently.

Technical Details
The gravity flow rack uses sloped shelves with roller tracks on special frames. The racks are configured to suit the required size of the item. Once loaded, the item moves forward by gravity via roller tracks to the end stop.

Design Features:
- made of rust-resistant steel
- adjustable slope angle
- high density storage

2. Automated Pallet Racks 


Automated pallet racks are designed for palletized product storage, that are loaded and retrieved by a robotic manipulating device.

- Warehouse space saving (the warehouse increases only in height)
- Minimized risks of item or its package damage due to stacking and improper storage.

Design Features
- easy to assemble and service
- made of rust-resistant steel
- high-rigidity structure

3. Robotic Manipulator 


Robotic manipulators are designed for programme-set moving and positioning of pallets from pallet handling and storing areas to gravity or automated storage racks or product picking areas.
The manipulator moves both in horizontal and vertical directions to a pre-set pallet. The pallet is automatically retrieved and transported to a pre-set area by an integrated pallet load conveyor.

- high speed of pallet handling (up to 5 m/s)
- high-precision positioning
- easy-to-service product with a robust design
- low energy consumption

Design Features:
- manufactured using high-quality details
- contains details made of light-alloy materials and plastics
- can be operated either via the operator panel or via the 1C accounting system.
- an advanced safety system ensures fail-safe operation and reliable pallet handling.

4. Transport System



The transport system is intended for handling palletized items to their loading and unloading to gravity and automated storage racks, thus greatly reducing manual labour required. The transport system comprises various elements, such as modular and flat belt conveyors, driven and non-driven rollers, pallet moving and extraction devices, brake and cutoff devices for holding and moving pallets to the required areas.


- greatly reduces the amount of the manual labour required
- high-speed operation
- handled pallet weight check
- reliable and efficient operation

Design Features:
Each transport system is custom made to meet individual logistic requirements and can include the following details:

- belt and roller, driven and non-driven conveyors;
- extraction devices;
- flow dividers;
- lifting devices;
- brake and cutoff devices;


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